For more than 8 years, Leather Lid Insert’s Lifetime Warranty has changed the way our customers feel about their saddlebags. To make sure we deliver saddlebag inserts worthy of a lifetime warranty, Leather Lid Inserts initiated a vigorous quality control program. This program has a dedicated team of saddlebag engineers that vigorously inspect every saddlebag insert and fix any issue, no matter how small, before it gets to the customer.

Leather Lid Inserts Lifetime Warranty does more than give you peace of mind, it’s a commitment from Leather Lid Inserts to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.

Lifetime Warranty Protection

Covers replacement of saddlebag insert components (i.e., patented lid insert), originally manufactured or installed by Leather Lid Inserts that are defective in material or factory workmanship. Coverage applies to original owner only, effective with all Leather Lid Inserts saddlebag inserts only.

In order to get replacement saddlebag parts, mail us the defective part with a paid return slip and we’ll replace it free of charge. Note: To make the process quicker, please include the original purchase receipt when mailing us defective parts.